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Each of these buttons will download a compressed folder with a full set of matching logos. This includes the full wing logo, the circle logo, and the wide wing logo. If you need any other file types, just let me know! 



First things first, the word SKYDIVE is on the very top. This instantly tells you what the brand is, no questions whatsoever. It also is inspired by the activity itself. You start in the sky and work your way down. Next is the wings. These are deigned to have a little bit of a military flare, a tribute to your Dad. The wings also double as crop rows, which are a huge part of the view while you’re in the air. Next is you. Literally. I based the diver on a photo of you jumping for Bulldog Blitz. I included some snow-capped mountains in the background to represent the other aspect of the view.

The typeface is intended to be a little more on the “extreme sports” side because, well, you’re jumping out of airplanes so… I also wanted to give the impression of movement, which is why the letters are skewed forward and have little tails, almost like hair or clothing (or flags) blow behind you as you fall. Overall, the placement of the circle within the wings and the way that the color gets darker as you move down is intended to give a subtle “sunset” vibe, which I think is also an incredible skydiving view.



The circular version of the logo maintains the core elements while still providing the instantly recognizable image, all while fitting in a more compact space.

This version of the logo also works well for stickers, apparel, or anywhere space may be limited by size. 



For applications that require a wider and shorter design, like a website header, this version of the logo can bring the same impact with less info.

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